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make me choose ; asked Klaroline or Carenzo Steroline (◕‿◕✿)

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oh dear; steroline; the vampire diaries;
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orphan black;
Anonymous: sorry if this has been asked before but in your sansa x willas gifset, what film/series are the willas gifs from? thanks in advance

all the willas scenes are from the young victoria

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rupert seriously needs to make another period drama; bc i'm pretty sure every scene from tyv has been recycled to death at this point *sigh*; anonymous; ask;


Sleeping Hook Neverwhere AU

"My name is Killian Jones. Three days ago, I found this girl bleeding on the pavement, so I stopped to help her."

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ANNIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!; two of my favourite things combined /cries; sleeping hook; neverwhere;

Remember our bond. I will come back for you.

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sleepy hollow fox;

make me choose → duskendales asked: Steroline or Klaroline

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HAHA I KNEW YOU'D MAKE THE RIGHT CHOICE; steroline; the vampire diaries;


majestyqueen asked: sleeping hook or outlaw queen?
jonsnowgaryen asked: sleeping hook or mad beauty?
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;________;; sleeping hook; once upon a time;

One of my husbands preferred the company of men and was stabbed through the heart, Another was happiest torturing animals and was poisoned at our wedding feast. I must be cursed.

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ok i get it; show!marg wants to be the queen; she wants to be THE queen; THE QUEEN; T H E QUEEN; T H E Q U E E N; THE ONLY QUEEN TO EVER QUEEN; i get it show; game of thrones; margaery tyrell;

The price of my existence is this sacrifice

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byzantium; oh yes this movie;

so now that i’m done with the historical development of law in the uk you know what’s next





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10000 CONSTITUTIONS AND 20000 NEW WAYS OF MANAGING THE COUNTRY; anyway; i'm pretty sure sleep is not a thing that exists; i need some vodka for this book; (do i even speak english no i don't think so);

Well, apparently, I went about ‘putting him down’ the wrong way. He’s still alive.

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NEW FAVOURITE I CAN FEEL IT; hannibal; margot verger;
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