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I kind of needed something permanent. Everything that’s happened to us… everything just changes so fast. Everything is so… ephemeral.

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"Sometimes she would whisper his name into her pillow just to hear the sound of it. "Willas, Willas, Willas."

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i will never forgive this dumb show; NEVER; how fucking dare you; sansa x willas; game of thrones;
I believe you. After everything we’ve been through, I believe you.
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make me choose → anon asked: Caroline Forbes or Elena Gilbert

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i hate this show when is it coming back??; caroline forbes; the vampire diaries;


katoakenshield asked: Durmstrang Institute or Beauxbatons Academy of Magic?

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This choker is to die for. #chokerchokeher
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"All of time and space. Everything that ever happened and ever will. Where do you wanna start?"

clarissassfray asked you: teen wolf or doctor who?
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doctor who;
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CAN WE PLEASE NOT; scallison; teen wolf;
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holy fuck this coloring???? so unfair; stydia; teen wolf;
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i'm full of anger; roman godfrey; hemlock grove; I SHOULD HAVE BEEN STRONGER FOR YOU;
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