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i eat boys like you for breakfast
― duskendales’ sleeping hook fic recs ―

the consequences of flight

the sea is by nature traitorous

fish and other dead things

everything that rises must converge

The Definition of You and Me

an appetite for innocence

Straight on ‘Til Morning

but in the dark i have no name


Dark Spirits

Kiss in the Dreamhouse

Pas De Deux

We Dissolve in Stars

the hangover

lady dragonstone’s drabbles here and here

07 Dec 2012 ∙ 11:08 with 78 notes
sleeping hook; once upon a time; the best fics i've read so far; basically everything by queendoms and victoria-squalor; and a few others; and i /tried/ to go for longer works so there aren't that many drabbles;
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